The News And Times: 5:35 AM 9/15/2020 – Tweets by ‎@mikenov: West Nile virus in Spain | The example of #Sweden indicates that our current #understanding of the so called “#Covid-19” is #incorrect and may be the result of the deliberate #disinformation. #Social #Distancing #absolutely does not matter and has no effect: see Covid-19 in Sweden. | Dr. #Tegnell deserves deep respect for his intellectual honesty and independence. No herd instincts in contemplating the “herd immunity”. | Sweden’s chief epidemiologist: ‘We are happy with our strategy’ on Covid-19 – The Interview – | #FBI’s “#Hamas” #Sting #Against #Boogaloo #Boys Was So #Absurd That Even Hamas #Spoke #Out Against #It! | News – Counterintelligence Investigations of Donald Trump | If you knew that Mueller was not going to do the CI investigation of Trump, why didn’t you tell FBI directly about it and clarified this matter, so it would continue? Trump-Russia ‘Follow The Money’ Counterintelligence Investigation | Germans want the US forces out of Germany: this

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5:35 AM 9/15/2020 – Tweets by ‎@mikenovMichael Novakhov@mikenov …?Telling Names: Seville: That’s lifeCadiz: Kadish: Say the prayer for the dead. Was the message intended? Any connection with “Covid-19”?
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