The News And Times: 9:53 AM 11/1/2020

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9:53 AM 11/1/2020

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Europe: Belarus opposition leader calls on EU to step up sanctions against regime
What Are You Seeing at the Polls?
Michael Novakhov SharedNewsLinks: New Abwehr …
Israel begins human trials of domestically-produced Coronavirus vaccine
Biden leads Trump by 10 points in final days before election: NBC/WSJ poll
This is why US troops still wear laces on their boots – We Are The Mighty
Today in History for November 1st
Firefighters working to control wildfire near Migdal Oz
Ten dead, three missing as 2020’s strongest typhoon slams Philippines
Incendiary balloon lands in Negev, neutralized by bomb squad
IDF chiefs helicopter makes emergency landing after motor malfunction
Fund Manager Nightmare Is Biden Without Blue Wave Congress – Bloomberg
Airlines new pricing strategy: buy one, get one free – Fox Business
Far-right militia groups fixate on Election Day doomsday scenarios
Spain rocked by second night of clashes over coronavirus measures
Britain starts accelerated review for AstraZeneca’s potential COVID-19 vaccine
Russia rules out cutting fossil fuel production in next few decades
Russias Four Wars: Return Of The Russian Leviathan Wins Pushkin House Prize – Forbes
Силовики стреляют на воскресном марше в Минске
Global Wine Production Slumps For Second Year As Industry Crushed By Virus   

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