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12:20 PM 12/7/2020 – Tweets 

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    NJ students accused of causing $6K in damages to Christmas display 

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    Mayor Bill de Blasio on Staten Island “Autonomous Zone” bar owner: “This guy is a hypocrite and he’s about to pay the price for his hypocrisy.”

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    A decades-old legal argument used by Hitler has found support among China’s Communists. 

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    .@SRuhle announces she is recovering from Covid-19:

    “The only way we can get through this is if we have a system that works for everyone. And after having Covid-19, I’m convinced that we do not.” @NBCNewsTHINK

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    Arizona legislature shuts down after Rudy Giuliani’s COVID-19 hospitalization 

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    Abe has joined the tree.

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    Great job once again by your Housing Officers @NYPDPSA5. Apparently you can’t run or hide. Not on Housings Watch.

  8. (Sharing…) Pearl Harbor and the FBI – 10:01 AM December 7, 2020 – Meet Dusko Popov: A Nazi-American Double Agent. Could he have warned Washington about Pearl Harbor? By Warfare History Network 

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    Dozens of armed people gathered outside Michigan Sec. of State Benson’s home over the weekend “shouting obscenities” and threatening violence in an effort to overturn the presidential election results in the state, she says. 

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    Attorney General William Barr is considering leaving his post before President Trump leaves office, source says 

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    LLC co-owned by Ilhan Omar’s husband got $635K in COVID-19 relief 

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    “Hello, NBC … It is no joke. It is a real war.”

    Listen to the live radio breaking news broadcast to NBC during the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 — 79 years ago today.

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    2,400 brave Americans lost their lives in the historic attack on on December 7, 1941.

    79 years later, we remember the cost of freedom as we honor their sacrifice.

    We continue to thank the men & women who, still today, stand the line in defense of our great nation.

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    A Turkish court has ordered the release of two Russian journalists detained in Istanbul after they were accused of filming near a facility manufacturing drones without authorization, an official said 

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    “Trump had no inkling what it was like to be President before he won the office, in 2016. Come Feb, he may be stunned again, this time by the speed at which former loyalists distance themselves.” It’ll help if media stop giving Trump outsized attention. 

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    Brussels is increasingly tired of what it sees as Warsaw’s recalcitrance.

    But it also knows that Poland leaving the EU could damage the bloc’s project perhaps even more than it would hit Warsaw’s pocket. 

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    The 76-year-old former New York mayor has traveled extensively to battleground states in an effort to help Trump subvert his election loss 

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    Live: Macron and Egypt’s Sisi hold joint press conference in Paris 

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    En breve por @WKAQ580 con @PresentadorRS.

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    Mexican president proposes stripping diplomatic immunity from US agents 

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    While she was decorating for Christmas with her 4 year old son!! I doubt it was a spontaneous uprising by individual Michiganders, this has the whiff of a Roger Stone op

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    President Trump’s pandemic blindness and election denial darkens America’s desperate winter | Analysis 

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  23. 5:44 AM 12/7/2020: New Jersey and New York hospitals are girding for a winter blitz of Covid-19 patients – Tweets by @mikenov 

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    : Встреча с Министром культуры Ольгой Любимовой 

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  25. 5:44 AM 12/7/2020 – Tweets by @mikenov: New Jersey and New York hospitals are girding for a winter blitz of Covid-19 patients 

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