The News And Times: 7:16 AM 12/7/2020

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    Brussels is increasingly tired of what it sees as Warsaw’s recalcitrance.

    But it also knows that Poland leaving the EU could damage the bloc’s project perhaps even more than it would hit Warsaw’s pocket. 

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    The 76-year-old former New York mayor has traveled extensively to battleground states in an effort to help Trump subvert his election loss 

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    Live: Macron and Egypt’s Sisi hold joint press conference in Paris 

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    En breve por @WKAQ580 con @PresentadorRS.

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    Mexican president proposes stripping diplomatic immunity from US agents 

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    Barr reportedly considering resigning before Trump leaves office 

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    While she was decorating for Christmas with her 4 year old son!! I doubt it was a spontaneous uprising by individual Michiganders, this has the whiff of a Roger Stone op

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    President Trump’s pandemic blindness and election denial darkens America’s desperate winter | Analysis 

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  9. 5:44 AM 12/7/2020: New Jersey and New York hospitals are girding for a winter blitz of Covid-19 patients – Tweets by @mikenov 

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    : Встреча с Министром культуры Ольгой Любимовой 

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  11. 5:44 AM 12/7/2020 – Tweets by @mikenov: New Jersey and New York hospitals are girding for a winter blitz of Covid-19 patients 

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    Eine Analyse stellt den niedrigsten Stand seit drei Jahren fest: Im sogenannten Darknet gibt es offenbar immer weniger große Marktplätze für illegale Waren. Der Umsatz steigt demnach trotzdem. 

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    CEO Sundar Pichai says Alphabet’s goal in the post-Covid world is to ensure equitable access to technology. Follow our coverage here: 

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    Alternative data show that activity in several of the world’s largest advanced economies slid at the beginning of December as coronavirus cases surged 

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    Covid-19 has forced governments to make impossible choices.

    Shutting down schools, for example, limits contagion but comes at a large cost to students. The decision over whether to reopen the ski slopes this season is, however, not such a dilemma 

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    New Jersey and New York hospitals are girding for a winter blitz of Covid-19 patients but say they are more prepared and are optimistic the mortality rate will be lower than the brutal spring months 

  17. Chet Baker Trio – Live From The Moonlight (1988) (Full Album)  via @YouTube

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    Birx says it’s “frustrating” to hear public “parrot back” false COVID-19 claims 

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    President Donald Trump’s niece says her uncle is “criminal, cruel and traitorous” and belongs in prison after he leaves the White House 

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    In Moscow’s Shadows 18: Life in the Communist Party? And Three Random Stories
    Latest podcast ep, on whether the KPRF is doomed (tldr: probably, but there are still signs of life), and 3 random stories from that caught my eye 

  21. Ratcliffe wants interim Durham report, says no intelligence to support FBI Russia probe 

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    Conversion is a grace that we need to forcefully ask God for. We are converted to the degree in which we open ourselves up to the beauty, the goodness, the tenderness of God. Thus let us leave what is false and fleeting for what is true, beautiful and everlasting.

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