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New Homeless Shelter In Bath Beach

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Following news that New York City plans to build a homeless shelter in the Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach area, there’s now news that the Bill de Blasio administration intends to create a homeless facility in Bath Beach. The new shelter located at 2147 Bath Avenue will house 150 single males.

“I have learned that there was no proposal presented to Community Board 11 and there has been no transparency in informing the local communities that the city is planning to build a homeless shelter at 2147 Bath Avenue. The local community was not surveyed. No public hearing was conducted to hear community concerns regarding this project,” Assemblyman Bill Colton stated.

“I am pleased that upon receiving notice of the city’s intention, Community Board 11 has requested that the city make a presentation about the specifics of this proposal. All we know so far is that the city intends to build a homeless shelter for 150 single men. This is in addition to another proposed shelter for 170 single men that the city is planning to build in the Brighton Beach area at 100 Neptune Avenue. If this shelter follows the rules, which the city imposes on its other shelters, the occupants will not be permitted to remain inside during the day but must return in the evening after being out all day. As such it does not provide a permanent solution to solving the problem of homelessness and is not even open to the many homeless families,” Colton continued.

“My additional concern is that there is an East Academy of Science & Technology High School is 0.3 miles and I.S. 281 Joseph B Cavallaro middle school which is 0.5 miles from the location. I believe that this project will create serious safety and quality of life issues for the neighborhood without solving the basic homeless issue. Therefore, I demand that a public hearing must be scheduled here in our community before the city will proceed with their project, and I demand that the city must seriously listen to the concerns of the community,” Colton added.

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